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Demo runs on MS Windows only. 


  1. Don't bother clicking any of the following 5 keys while typing:

1) Num Key
2) Shift Key
3) Period
4) Question Mark
5) Apostrophe
  1. Use two spaces (or the Enter key) to complete each sentence.

That's it!

Dusty Keys™ patent pending smart keypad driver offers 100% access to all keypad functions using just your thumb or stylus.  Also offers user-defined aliases, plus reduces the need to use the above five keys while typing.

This demonstration does not showcase the Delta II™ speed matrix.  Instead, here you will see how Dusty Keys™ can further simplify typing on Delta II (and other) keypads.

The following options can be turned on and off by the user, and are all turned ON for this demonstration. Even so, you can still use the Period, Shift, Num, Question Mark and Apostrophe keys the conventional way, if you wish.

Dusty Keys™ saves you keystrokes by performing the following tasks for you:

AutoShift - capitalizes sentences.
- adds a period or question mark to the sentence you just typed, and prepares for the beginning of your next sentence.

You type: hi  did my order ship  thanks
You get:
  Hi.  Did my order ship?  Thanks.

If you do not want punctuation at the end of a sentence, use the Down Arrow key instead of the Enter key to finish the sentence:

          125 Sycamore
          Chicago, IL 60523

AutoAlias - user programmable:
   sf      becomes 
San Francisco
   becomes   Dusty Keys
becomes   Whatever you want.

Randi Bandwidth
123 Motor Memory Lane
Typefast, CA  45678

You type: dont     cant     havent     ...
You get:   don't    can't    haven't      ...

              Download Java Run-time Engine (VM) from Sun Microsystems.

AutoNum - no need to click the Num button to enter numbers. During or immediately after you type a number, AutoNum instantly changes from text to numeric mode and updates your display.

You type:  see you in y minutes
     ("y" is also the "5" button.)

You get:   See you in 5 minutes.

AutoNum works with numbers such as:

123    -0.002    $50.00    33%
8-14-2007    1,000,000   24/7
#25    35mm    (888) 123-4567
7:15pm    60/40  
.45   3.14159
1-800 GOPIZZA    1,000!!!!    etc.

If you want to type a single capital letter as in: "We are at gate E now." hit the Shift key to enter the capital letter.  AutoNum leaves uppercase letters alone.  Example:
You type: Route ii          You get:  Route 66
You type: Delta II           You get:  Delta II

  • You can always enter numbers the conventional way using the Num key to type things like:  21st  or nancy32@aol.com

  • If AutoNum ever gets in your way when you want to type something odd like: uuu, you can cancel Auto-Num for that word by hitting the Num key one or more times before or during the typing of the word:

  • e.g.  (Num) (Num) uuu     

Dusty Keys
also interprets and differentiates many popular abbreviations (user programmable):

You type: r u ready       You get:  r u ready?




AutoNum (continued)

A handful of numbers (out of trillions) happen to spell out a word on the Delta II keypad.  For example, the numbers " 6 " and " 245 " use the same keys as the words " I " and " try ". If you ever need to type one of these numbers, hit the Num key, then type your number (the old fashion way). Num mode turns off automatically as you continue typing. You won't need to use the Num key very often, and you won't ever need it for numbers like 6:00 PM, 6-22-07, $245.00 and longer numbers such as phone numbers and credit card numbers.

AutoCap - capitalizes letters as needed:
becomes   TBA
  ste    becomes
    becomes   CA
becomes  Tony
   becomes   Fri
  los angeles   
  Los Angeles
  mrs smith
       becomes  Mrs. Smith
  dear mr long
  becomes  Dear Mr. Long:

Punc Key - offers additional punctuation characters not seen on the keypad. After clicking the Punc key, click the button on the keypad corresponding to the punctuation character you want to enter.

For example, after clicking the Punc key, click the D key to enter a dollar sign ( $ ) or the A key for an asterisk ( * ), or an E for an equal sign ( = ), etc. You can continue to click or hold the key you picked, if you want - for example:  *** Notice ***
Or you can click the Punc key a second time to display international punctuation characters to select from. Clicking the Punc key a third time exits the Punc screens without entering anything.

Shift Key - click to capitalize the next letter you type or to type the   @  :  ?  and   !   characters. Push and hold momentarily to enter SHIFT LOCK mode.  Note: shifted punctuation can be repeated without having to go into SHIFT LOCK mode - for example: Hello!!!!

Num Key - used to manually enter Num mode.  Click once, enter your number, and continue typing. Push and hold the Num key momentarily to enter NUM LOCK mode.


Delta II is unexpected. Seldom does an innovation so needed, so simple, so effective, appear and fundamentally solve a problem that has plagued so many. Delta II™ and Dusty Keys™ together deliver a mighty 1-2 punch in a tiny package that renders all other mobile data entry methods senseless.

Dusty Keys™ can be licensed for QWERTY keyboards, keypads and touch screens.


US and International Patents Pending

Click to align keypad for demo



Note:  If you receive an error message or the gray box above does
not eventually display a keypad, you may need a newer Java Virtual
Machine:   Java from Sun Microsystems   (Click "Download").


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