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Service Providers:

  • When customers type, you profit. Increased use of wireless email, Internet, and SMS mean better ROI from your wireless data infrastructure.

Phone Manufacturers: 

  • Drastically improved typing speed, 5-minute learning curve, and uncompromised form-factors enable a new generation of desirable mobile phones.

  • Button-size and layout are perfect for new touchscreen too.

  • High-profit smartphones become more appealing to consumers.

  • No special software or dictionaries needed. Uses standard QWERTY keypad driver and extrapolators.

  • Delta II is simple and inexpensive to manufacture using well-known components and manufacturing techniques, affording a useful, desirable, and profitable feature for new mobile phones.

Application Developers: 

  • Eliminates typing bottleneck on mobile phones, allowing more users to take text-entry related applications seriously.


  • New users type fast immediately, due to their familiarity with a PC keyboard.

  • Easy to read buttons feel "right", even to users with larger hands and fingers.

  • Phones retain their popular small sizes and form factors - comfortable to hold and operate with one or both hands, fitting nicely into purses and pockets.

  • Reduces or eliminates the need for external keyboards.

  • Delta II and QWERTY are symbiotic - learn one, and the other is easy. For example, in emerging markets, users might experience a mobile phone first, and a PC later on. When those users start on a Delta II equipped phone, their motor memory reflexes make it easy for them to learn a PC (QWERTY) keyboard later on.

  • QWERTY for the desktop, Delta II mobile-QWERTY for the pocket. It's what users want.


  • No need to wait for a PC. Many business applications can now be done quickly and conveniently on the one device you always have with you - your mobile phone.

  • Convenient, handheld, world-wide voice, data, and video connectivity now possible 24/7. Anywhere. Real-time. Secure. Discreet. Accurate.




Great Standard.  Safe Investment.

Delta II is the pocket offspring of the ubiquitous PC keyboard standard, and the mobile keypad of choice for as long as people choose to type.


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