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Google Play Store     CNET editor's review

Now here's something seriously better than QWERTY for smartphones...


Google Play Store


CNET: "We keyed faster and with fewer mistakes using Big Buttons than with our phone’s usual keyboard. The clincher? We briefly restored the default keyboard but went right back to Big Buttons."   -CNET 5-star editor’s review


Manufactures, developers, integrators: now there is something much better than QWERTY for mobile - the Delta II keyboard matrix.

This simple, proven keyboard matrix immediately improves smartphones, hard-button DVR remotes, portable medical equipment, automobile and aircraft cockpits - anything handheld or mobile that needs typing.

Download the free Big Buttons Keyboard for Android app from the Google Play Store.

Also -  please contact us about licensing: U.S. Patent 7,658,562




Delta II™ -  Born for Mobile.


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  Delta II ™       people type faster on it

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